History & Heritageof Stoke Place

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Our Property

Initially built as a family home by royal chef, Patrick Lamb, in 1690, Stoke Place has been passed through generations of aristocratic and military tradition. Its sweeping gardens were constructed by legendary landscape designer, Capability Brown, at the height of his career, still highlighting the natural beauty and wildlife of the area, to this day playing host to many a magical memory.

A Manor House

Stoke Place was originally built by royal chef Patrick Lamb in 1690 after earning his fortune cooking extravagant feasts for the British royals and aristocracy, most notably King James II’s legendary coronation feast. Having grown up in the area, Lamb acquired the land as part of a phase of development while continuing to provide signature dishes for Queen Anne.

Military Tradition

Lieutenant General Thomas Howard bought the property in 1764. During his time, two wings were added to the house and the grounds were beautifully landscaped. The house was passed through generations of the Howard-Vyse family, continuing military tradition until 1962, when Sir Richard Howard Vyse died, and the house was sold to South Bucks District Council. Stoke Place has operated as a beautiful manor house hotel since the mid 1900's, and under the present ownership is being gently restored to its full former glory.

Elaborate Grounds

Lancelot Brown was England’s most influential landscape designer of the 18th century, often referred to as ‘Capability Brown’ due to his innate ability to realise the potential of landscapes, including the rolling parklands, sinuous lake and shelter belts that surround Stoke Place. Our gardens are unique in being one of the very few Pleasure Gardens that Brown created, and were carefully constructed at the height of his career to highlight the natural beauty and wildlife of the area, and are still in the same pristine condition.

To This Day

After being extensively refurbished, this charming country house now effortlessly combines modern luxury with classical style, creating a truly elegant and unique venue. Our sweeping gardens continue to be carefully maintained in homage to the work of Capability Brown, and have played host to a number of elegant wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

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